What is Solo Travelling? Solo Travel Tips | Where can I Travel Solo?

What Is Solo Travelling?

Solo Travelling means traveling alone. No matter whether you are traveling within your country or abroad. Solo Travel is safe but it is less safe and comfortable than traveling in a group. Tough Solo Travel can be as safe and easy as group travel if you take some Precautions.

Top 10 Tips for Solo Travel

Travelling Alone can be very joyful and fulfilling doesn’t matter you are traveling to a new city or abroad.
Today, I’m going to tell you a few things you should keep in mind if you are planning to go into the world of Solo travel.

A spacious but lightweight travel backpack.

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Backpack vs. Suitcase while traveling. Sometimes it’s okay for suitcases, but backpacks are very easy to carry. In simple, Backpacks are very easier to carry while you are traveling in different destinations. Nowadays, Majority of backpacks are designed in such a way that it has many different compartments to store many small items, like cell phones, passports, water bottles and many more. Another major point is that you don’t need to worry about dragging a rolling suitcase or climbing a staircase.
That’s why I would prefer you to choose Backpacks while traveling.

A pair of waterproof boots.

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Make sure that you should use waterproof boots so that you no need to pack 2 or maybe three pair of shoes, the less you pack the more you will be comfortable. While using waterproof shoes your feet will generally stay warm and dry and there will be lesser chances for you getting cold. But make sure that if you are traveling in a warm place that you must avoid these shoes because then your feet can get too hot on sunny or in mild weather.

A small but mighty flashlight

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If you are planning to travel at night or even in the evening then you must purchase a strong but compact flashlight which can easily be clip onto your backpack. You can easily buy the best, strong and compact flashlight for your traveling purpose from online stores such as Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Realistic expectations for how much $$$ you’ll spend.

Let’s be honest: Most of the safest places on earth to travel alone are very costly. On the off chance that it’s your first time traveling solo, I will consider you to travel in good and reputed safe places so that you can travel freely and enjoy each and every moment of it. Be prepared to make your wallet light by purchasing basic needs like food and hotel or resort charges. I would consider you to take your credit card or visa card in case of emergency.

A tripod

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A modest and conservative tripod can help you take more dynamic photographs and recordings of yourself on your Travel— and it’ll spare you the disgrace of a selfie stick.

A prepaid data plan you don’t actually use

Many people rely on Wi-Fi from cafes, restaurants, and hotels when traveling abroad, because purchasing a prepaid global plan doesn’t worth the cost. But sometimes in a difficult situation or in a place where you don’t find any services you may get into trouble. Therefore I suggest you take an international prepaid plan and try to avoid use of social sites because they can burn your all data and international overage charges are very high, you should use your data only where you need the most, although you can still enjoy the free Wi-Fi from Cafes, Restaurants and in your Hotel.

A universal travel adapter

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While traveling alone your Smartphone is your lifeline. You have all your important information in your phones such as documents, Maps or your guide manual and the most important it’s your Panic button in case of emergency, so make sure that all the gadgets should be fully charged. The charging switches are not the same all around the world. Make sure that you should carry Universal Travel Adapter so that it can be accessible in every switch. It will be better if you carry an extra battery with you in an emergency. You can easily purchase Universal Travel Adaptor in online stores such as Amazon, Walmart and many more.

A travel-sized first aid kit

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In case you’re on a Road – Trip, keep a small medical aid unit in your trunk. On the off chance that you’ll be flying, remove all sharp objects before boarding.

A Travel Guide

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One of the most difficult parts about traveling alone is that there is no one to protect you when you are insecure. In order to tackle this situation, you can read the books of the Independent or solo travelers and gain a little experience from their stories. Reading stories about other solo travelers can somewhat help you feel comfortable. You can also read about the travel guide of particular cities or countries you are planning to travel in.

A plan to arrive during the day

There are very little cities in the world which never sleeps, but the majority of the cities remains close after dark. In case if something goes wrong then you will be able to deal with the situation better way during the day.

Use App based Taxis while travelling

It would be better if you use the service of App-based taxis while traveling alone. You can get a fair estimate directly on the app and there will be less chance of you to get fooled by the private taxi drivers further there is no need to negotiate with the taxi drivers. These apps also have a record of the drivers.

A day reserved for doing nothing

Take a rest for a day during a long Travel plan to recharge and focus yourself to be more comfortable and relaxed.

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