Top 6 interesting facts about Canada

The minimum temperature listed in Canada is as cold as Mars.


The most natural fact about Canada is that it gets too cold in winters. The average minimum temperature of the year is recorded in January in Ottawa is -14.4 C which is very cold, However, the minimum temperature ever recorded was in a village of Snag on 3rd February 1947 which was approx -63 C, Which is very close to the temperature of the Surface of the Mars.

Canada has more lakes than you think

Do you know that Great Lakes in Canada have more than 18 percent of the world’s lake water, Not just this Canada has the Largest Lake Area compared to any other nation of the world.

Canada is bigger than almost all other countries.


Canada is the second largest country in the world with the area of 9,984,671 km2 and a population of 35.16 million (2013). This is bigger than the area of the European Union but slightly less than the Whole Europe. Canada is bigger than the United States and China and almost 15 times bigger than France. Only Russia is bigger than Canada in terms of size.

Alert, Nunavut is the world’s northernmost settlement.


The world’s most northernmost settlement is Alert in Nunavut, It is totally inhabited place and just 816 km away from the North Pole. The place is home of Scientists for research and military. Obviously, this place is too to stay. The hottest month in this area in July which has a temperature of 3.4 C and on January (coldest month) temperature is -32.19 C.

Canada has the world’s longest coastline


Canada has the world largest coastline in the world it is about 356,000 km long coastline surrounded with 3 oceans, Arctic, Pacific, and the Atlantic Ocean. The only other country which has large coastline is Indonesia with 54,716 km. If you walk continuously on the coastlines of Canada then it would take you more than 55 months to complete the coastline.

Canada has 10 per cent of the world’s forests.


Many people know that there are lots of trees in Canada actually Canada has 10 % of the World Forest and 30% of the snow forest of the world. Canada has almost 396.9 million hectares of forest.

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