5 Best Cardio Exercises To Lose Weight – Burn Belly Fat

It’s almost impossible to lose weight without cardio exercises and with the combination of healthy and proper diet a long term interest can easily be achieved. The fact is that a proper diet is the main factor while attempting to lose weight and increase health. And at the same time, if you add the combination of right cardio exercise to lose weight, it would be very fruitful. So the question is what are the best cardio exercises to lose weight early and easily?

This will totally relay on your Capabilities (Physical), own preferences, patience, and control. But remember that you should not put too much stress on your body, you need to select an exercise that suits you and you can do that every day consistently. If you want to lose at least 0.5 to 1 kg every week you need to focus on this goal and be patient you will success definitely. Below are details of cardio exercise that can help you to lose weight.

Speed walking – Cardio Exercise


Speed walking is the simplest, easiest and effective exercise that can be done outdoor or even indoor in a treadmill or in indoor track. There was a research conducted on overweight women’s who were engaged in speed walking in regular intervals and do workouts 4 times a week were able to lose at least 10 KG in just 16 weeks. That’s a reason I am suggesting you speed walking to lose weight. You can go walking in the early morning or in the evening and have fun.

Running – Cardio Exercise


This is an exercise that everybody known but very few implement it. All you need to do is just running or you can say jogging at your desired speed. But make sure that you need to select a right and comfortable shoe so that you don’t get blisters. Not just weight loss Running also makes you feel good. Yes, it’s true only 30 minutes of running could instantly lift-up your mood and for those who are suffering from depressive order. It also improves sleep quality and concentration all day long. Running strengthen your knees and joints.

Running helps to maintain a healthy weight. It improves cardiovascular fitness. It helps to build strong bones, strengthen muscles and burn plenty of kilos from your body.

 Stationary bicycle – Cardio Exercise


This is the main exercise for calorie burn and toning legs. As you exercise on the bicycle make sure that cycle should be set in enough resistance. Exercising on this cycle only half hour daily can help you reduce weight more efficiently. If you want, you can sprint too.

Cycling is a great cardio exercise, it’s a good way to strengthen your respiratory system and heart. Cycling targets your lower body muscles for strengthening and for toning legs.  It works great for your outer thighs, inner thighs, and your overall lower body muscles.



Playing basketball for an hour can help you burn at least 630-750 calories. It also helps in building endurance, improves balance, coordination and muscle. Ensure that you remain always moving and rushing to the court.

Playing basketball includes the activity of running, jumping these movements burns a great number of calories. It makes your bone stronger, good for cardiovascular health, develops your concentration, improves mental development, and enhances confidence as well.

Skipping – Cardio Exercise


Skipping is one of the best ways to burn fat and loses weight. A person may lose 700 calories an hour by skipping at a moderate pace. If a person skips 30 minutes a day then he can burn approximately 300 calories by doing so. It also helps in muscle building and increases overall endurance.

Skipping rope increasing your bone density, it is also good for your brain. Skipping contributes to hormonal balance, relieves stress. It increases your strength, timing, speed.  As you can say that it’s a full body workout and you can do it anywhere.

Doing exercise is only one part; you should also concentrate in your food habits and should make a proper diet plan.

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