10 FENG SHUI tips to bring happiness and Wealth to your life and home.

The entrance of your home.


Whenever a person enters in your home. It has a different mood. It can be positive or negative, so make sure that your entrance should be beautiful, positive or refreshing. You may place a beautiful painting or flowers, etc.

Another thing should be kept in mind that you must remove your shoes before entering the home so that stress, bad day, dirt left outside and positive and peaceful energy to come inside.

Clean your Clutter


What is Clutter?

Clutter is low, dull, confusing, blocked and inactive energy that continuously exhaust energy from you.

Clutter disorder in your life. If you have clutter in your home, then you feel stressed about almost everything. It creates hindrance to find peace. Your Bedroom, closet, a bathroom should be in order. If you start your day with positive and calm, then your whole day will be pleasant.

The Name Plate


As per Feng Shui your name plate should be clearly written on your name plate along with address and property number. It should be place outside the wall of your home.

It helps in attracting more opportunities towards your home.

Circle yourself with lots of Greenery, Fresh air, and Light.


For harmony and fresh air place beautiful and happy plants. You may open the doors and windows of your home in the early morning and let nature invite in. Use dimmer in your room and avoid bright light before bed.

Do space cleansing.


To kick out the negative energy, anger, sorrow, sadness or illness from your home. It is necessary to do space cleansing so that the fresh energy ring or cover you.

You can burn sandalwood incense to reduce the negative energy from every corner of your home.

The three-legged Toad.


Place a model of a three-legged toad. It is an old Feng Shui symbol stands for wealth. It will help you increase your savings and earnings.



If any flooring or tile of your home is damaged or broken, then immediately replace it. It replaces is not possible then hide or cover it.

Use wind chimes


Hang wind chimes near your front door to import the positive vibes in your beautiful home.

Bagua mirror


Place Bagua mirror outside of your home. This mirror reflects back the negative or evil energy coming to your home.

Chinese coins


Keep a set of 3 Chinese coins tied with the red ribbon in your wallet/purse to increase your income. You can also keep it in your locker

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