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{EGGS FACTS} Egg Nutrition Facts | Is An Egg Good For You | Which Part Of The Egg Has The More Protein


Hi Guys, in this post, I will cover the topics including


  • Egg Fact

  • Why eat Eggs every day?

  • Is it Ok to throw out egg Yolk?

  • Do eating eggs increase the risk of Heart Problems?

  • What are the Benefits of High-Quality Protein from Eggs?

  • How much do you know about Duck Eggs?

  • How much do you know about Ostrich Eggs?

  • Why Eat Boiled Eggs every day?  {Ask your Fitness Trainer}

  • Do Eating Eggs for Breakfast help in weight loss?


Egg Fact 





Scientists concluded that chicken comes first not the Egg. Because protein which makes eggshells is only produced by hens.


Why eat Eggs every day?





Eggs are the most important source of high-quality protein, in fact, an egg has almost 6 grams of protein and all other useful nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It’s also inexpensive and versatile. Some experts say that consuming eggs helps in reducing weight, strong muscles and much more. According to a recent study consuming an egg in a day reduces the risk of stroke by 12 percent and gives the various amount of protein and minerals essential for an individual.


Is it Ok to throw out egg Yolk?





Many people remove the egg yolk and consume only egg white. But before doing that there are few things you must know. Egg white contains more than 60 percent of proteins and remaining 40 percent is contained by egg yolk. Further egg yolk also contains a high level of Fat and Cholesterol like Vitamin A, D, E which are also sometimes important for your health. Thus, it totally depends on you to take egg yolk or not.


Do eating eggs increase the risk of Heart Problems?





Scholars have conducted a research and found that eating eggs do not increase the chance of heart disease. Though some participants found a little growth in both types of cholesterol i.e. Good and Bad Cholesterol. That’s why it’s always suggested to take everything in the limit. Further according to American Heart Association guidelines encourage the intake of consuming fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, etc. And to limit the intake of meat, sweets, drinks, and sugar made products.


What are the Benefits of High-Quality Protein from Eggs?





As I told you earlier Eggs are the easy source of high-quality protein. A large quantity of protein is founded in Egg White and white is a good source of various vitamins like vitamin D and B and minerals such as zinc, copper, and iron. Whereas Egg Yolks contains a nice amount of Fat and Calories. Egg nutrition not just improve the heart health but also provides healthy pregnancy, improves visual acuity of eyes and increases brain functioning and it is essential for making and maintaining lean body mass.


One large egg contains:


 78 calories   6.3g protein   5.3g fat   1.6g saturated fat    212mg cholesterol


How much do you know about Duck Eggs?





In a first impression, Duck eggs look like a chicken egg but they are a little larger in size and are more expensive. Duck Eggs have more proteins as compared to the chicken egg but the drawback is that it also contains a large amount of cholesterol and Fat. More than the Chicken Eggs. When boiled, egg white turns into blue and egg yolk turns into the red in color as shown in the image above.


How much do you know about Ostrich Eggs?





Ostrich eggs are the biggest eggs found on the earth almost 24 times bigger than a chicken egg. Ostrich Eggs are almost 6 inches in diameter and weight up to 1.5kg and contains 47 percent of proteins and total of 2,000 calories. Ostrich eggs are much thicker than chicken eggs. It’s about 300 micrometers thick. The color of the egg is pearl white as seen in the image above.


Why Eat Boiled Eggs every day?  {Ask your Fitness Trainer}


Why eat boiled eggs every day maybe you asked this question to your fitness trainer once in your lifetime. If not, no issue now I’m going tell you about the benefits of eating Boiled eggs every day.



  • Muscle Gain





Nowadays, everyone goes to the gym and work extremely hard to get in shape and build muscles. First, let me tell you the process of muscle making quickly. When you exercise in Gym and repeat the series of exercises such as push or pull, what happens is that tiny microfibers of your muscles break down, then it heals itself and become bigger and stronger. But to do this process of healing and become stronger muscles needs amino acids which are found in protein. There are 9 types of amino acids and all the 9 types of amino acids are available in proteins which comes from the egg. A food which contains all types of amino acids are called complete protein and egg means protein. That’s why Egg is very important and plays a key role in Muscle Building.


  • Stronger Bones






Vitamin D is very essential for our body and it generally gets when we get sunlight. Eggs also have Vitamin D which is very important to strengthen Bones. Especially for women’s age above 30 because bones of women’s start getting weak after the age of 30. Boiled eggs help in strengthening the Bones, it will be more beneficial if it is consumed with milk or cheese or Paneer.


  • Helps to keep you Full for a Long Time






Fast Food and snakes are very harmful, it gets worse when you are trying to lose weight or maintaining the body. Eating Boiled eggs helps to feel full for a long time and try to prevent you from eating Junk food, further they are also easy to carry, you can pack boiled eggs in Tiffin Box and eat whenever you feel hungry.


Do Eating Eggs for Breakfast help in weight loss?





Majority of people things that Egg Yolk contains only Fat, and they clean the Yolk from the plate, that’s not the whole story Guys, there are hundreds of studies conducted and found that eating the egg on Breakfast helps in reducing weight. In one study, 2 groups ate the same number of calories at breakfast, one group ate eggs and other not. After 10 weeks, they found that egg eating group lost more weight than other groups, further it also reduces their fat to 20 percent.


It is also important for the peoples who ate snake every evening just to control their hunger. If they ate high-quality protein diet in the Breakfast it helps them to feel full and they ate less throughout the day which further helps in reducing Weight.


So, these are the few points about Eggs I thought I should share with you guys, I hope you get the good amount of knowledge from this post.


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