Stay Amaze

Almost every country in this world has a different culture. You don’t want to look odd or Tourist while traveling in these countries. You must avoid few things which may look common to you but it’s insulting or sometimes embarrassing act in few countries.



Don’t leave a tip when traveling in Japan


Giving tips to a waiter is very normal activity in every country. But in one nation Japan tipping is customary. If your tip is refused don’t feel offended. If you want to give a tip then you should go to a receptionist. Services at hotels and restaurant are exceptional in this country, however, tipping could be examined as downgrading.



Don’t smile at strangers in Russia




Seems strange but it is you shouldn’t smile at strangers in Russia, In Russia Smiling indicates as a genuine closeness towards another person, indicating a genuine affinity for another person. They might consider you fake if you smile at a stranger.



Don’t talk with your hands in your pockets in Germany




If you are planning to travel in Germany you must not talk with your hand in the pocket coz it is considered as Abusive/Rude.



Don’t eat everything on your plate in China




While traveling in China guest don’t eat every last bite of food and leaves a little food on the plate. If a guest didn’t do that it indicates that host didn’t provide enough meal.



Don’t honk your horn while driving in Norway




Honking is the thing that you should never do in Norway. In Norway Horn is only used in case of emergency.



Always say hello in France




Always say hello in France. “Bonjour madame, monsieur” must be the words you say first if you start the conversation directly people will feel that you think yourself superior or above them.